We Know That We Ask For Allot

But we really need your help!

We Don't earn any money on happy-Sewing. Strangely we PAY to spend our free time to make these awesome patterns for you. This domain for example. It costs us around 15 USD each month to run. We use advanced software that costs around 100 USD each month. We have running costs like camera costs, printer costs, rent, electricity and so on. This is very expensive!

That's why we need your help. You can give us some stability by giving us a monthly donation on Patreon. We promise to make the most of each dollar we get!

But let's be clear. If you can't afford to support us you shouldn't. But if you still want to be a supporter you can like us on Facebook and Instagram, and give some likes to the videos you like on youtube you are doing us a great favor, and it's completely free.

But why are these patterns very cheap or free? 

We want to spread kindness and prove to the world that the best way to get something is to give. We have received a lot of love from people that finally can get quality patterns. There are heartbreaking stories, and some stories are from the future; Students on small budgets that finally can take a break in their studies to be creative. 

You don't have to have a heartbreaking story to be a part of happy-Sewing. You don't have to be someone that is working hard to shape the future. You can simply just be you. That's what Happy-Sewing is. A group of yous that loves sewing.

If you can and want to contribute, Simply scroll down the page and see if you can do it in a way that fits you.

Lots of love, 

The Happy-Sewing team!

Happy-Sewing cant exist without its backers and supporters! 

 Se how you can support us with a monthly payment on Patreon

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