(Frequently Asked Questions)

Are the Happy Sewing patterns easy to use?

Yes, they are. Our patterns should be for you who are a beginner and you who have already sewn for a while.

Do I need an overlock machine?

No, you can use your regular sewing machine. Remember the right needles and the correct settings for the fabric you are using.

How can I pay for patterns?
We use PayPal and we accept most of the cards. If we don't support your preferred payment method you can get in touch with us on the form below

What sizes are our patterns?
The sizes will come up when you click on the patterns.

How do I get started?

You select the pattern you want in the shopping cart and when it is paid you will receive an email with a PDF file with the pattern.

Is it possible to get the patterns on paper?

Yes, contact us at contact@happy-sewing.com and we will sort it out for you. 



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