We are a company from Norway that makes sewing tutorials and sewing patterns. We design the patterns ourselves.

We want everyone to enjoy sewing, so our sewing patterns are easy to understand, and we also offer tutorials. These are available on youtube at our channel Happy-Sewing.

Happy-Sewing started in August 2020 and is currently a small company with only three part-time employees. 

Our goal is to make good quality content for the global sewing community. 

Even tho we are a very young company, we can already see that happy-sewing is growing into the expectations of our customers and audience.

We are slowly but steadily increasing our content and we want to have over 200 patterns and tutorials by August 2022.

Maybe we all will be able to quit our real jobs and design and sew all day long.

We have Patreon if you want to help us to archive our goal. 

 We love Happy-Sewing and we look forward to continuing this journey with you!

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